Let's Change the World, One Haircut at a Time

Our local barber serves homeless individuals in Fort Lauderdale, FL and beyond

When was the last time you had a haircut? For many of us, we can get a haircut whenever we'd like. It's different when you're homeless. That's where the Backpack Barber Foundation comes in. We're a local barber that offers free haircuts for the homeless in Pompano Beach, West Palm Beach, Miami and Fort Lauderdale, FL and the South Florida tri-county area.

But we're about more than free haircuts. We strive to elevate homeless individuals through support and conversation, with the goal of bringing hope and dignity to their lives. That means supporting all the homeless or those at-risk for homelessness, such as kids and teenagers.

Homeless people often feel invisible and hopeless. Through our free haircuts and the support of our partners, we hope to make a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate but equally human.

Background on the Backpack Barber Foundation

We have been proudly serving the Fort Lauderdale area since 2017. Our team is made up of four board members plus our dedicated volunteers. To find out more about how you can volunteer or donate to our cause, call (754) 215-2030 today.

How we help our homeless neighbors

We provide a range of serves to address the needs of the homeless population. These include:

  • Free haircuts: We provide haircuts for the homeless at the Fort Lauderdale City Hall Commission Chambers and other locations in the area
  • Hygiene products: Our team collects the basic hygiene products needed by homeless individuals to stay clean
  • Support and conversation: We maintain a dialogue with our homeless neighbors to make them feel seen and never neglected

For more information about the services we provide, reach out today.

We Partner With Fantastic Local Charities

Support The Broward Partnership, HANDY Inc., and Jack and Jill of America, Inc.