What's the drive

The Mission

I have always been very involved with charity events and giving back by cutting hair in local shelters and for low-income kids. That just wasn't enough, I needed to do something different. That's when I decided to just be fearless and go right into the middle of the homeless area and start cutting hair. I also wanted to leave them with something they definitely need. I give each man or woman a backpack filled with hygiene products, water, and a snack. Sure, it's amazing having a clean cut when you haven't had one in a long time but for me, it's about the connection I make with that individual who is trusting me to give them a fresh beginning with a haircut. We talk, we share stories and we realize we are more alike than different. We are human. It's very simple. We are no better and no less than the man next to us. This is the point I am trying to get across, we must reach out and do for others.

Greg Young

Greg Young is a South Florida based barber and co-owner of Noblemens Cut & Shave in Fats Village Ft. Lauderdale. The passion for his craft stems from a unique desire to make a direct, personal connection with each and every client who sits in his chair. Young graduated from Florida Barber Academy in 2009 after working in the culinary industry for nine years. He transitioned into the barber industry to engage more closely with his clients and continuously seeks the very latest intel to better serve his patrons.

Born in Florida and living in Broward County since 1995, Young has a vast network that encompasses several industries and now looks to further develop his own brand all while being the CEO and President of his nonprofit foundation, The Backpack Barber Foundation established in 2018. His focus is to directly work with the homeless community and the troubled youth while providing them with haircuts, backpacks filled with hygiene products and meaningful conversations. The passion for this foundation comes from the life experience Young has had being homeless himself while battling alcoholism. Greg has been sober since July 7th, 2013 and gives all of the glory to God and to continually doing the next right thing, one day at a time. Young has huge plans for the future such as creating his own product line and expanding his foundation into multiple chapters all across the country.

Dan Sokoloff

Before starting his own tax and consulting practice almost six years ago, Dan Sokoloff worked for a large national firm, Marcum, LLC in downtown Ft Lauderdale, Florida. He is a licensed CPA in Florida and has been practicing for more than 20 years. Daniel has also been involved with charitable organizations over the years. He has served on the board of the Backpack Barber Foundation, Inc. for the past five years.

During his time at the larger firms he gained extensive knowledge, worked on highly complex situations and has used this experience to help many businesses and clients since. In only a short period of time and since the inception of his practice, he has built up a client base of over 270 businesses, 400 individuals and in excess of 80 monthly write-up accounts. With respect to consulting and planning for his clients - he has recently helped secure millions in PPP loan forgiveness and has assisted many other in various credit opportunities with the IRS.

Some of his clients include large real estate property groups, over two dozen operating restaurants, mortgage brokers and its agents, manufacturing businesses, professional service companies, family businesses and high-net worth individuals.

Trudi King

Trudi King has lived in Sunny South Florida for most of her life - since 1992. A sincere lover of people, she has a passion for helping others and has loyally served the community on various occasions throughout the years. Trudi has a career of 18+ years in property management and business management. She serves as Director of the Board for the Foundation and provides executive administrative support for the Board Officers.

Moses Petracco

Moses Petracco grew up in North Jersey & completed his undergrad double major in management & marketing. 1 month after graduation he took a leap of faith and started a job in healthcare in South Florida. Fast forward twelve years later and he's still in South Florida & still in the nonprofit Healthcare world. In August of 2021 after a 3-week bout with COVID plus a hospitalization & having an epiphany on how life can be cut short he had the pleasure of joining The Backpack Barber Foundation as Director of Fundraising & Sponsorships for the Foundation. His barber Greg Young and himself had long philosophical talks and their missions for the betterment of the less fortunate aligned beautifully. Greg then offered in a spot on the board.

He is currently the Sales Manager for the Resnick Assisted Living Facility on the MorseLife Health System Campus in West Palm Beach Florida.

Moses simply loves helping people young, old and everyone in between. The Foundation really helps him to continue to connect and learn from South Florida's most vulnerable populations which includes at risk youth and the homeless. Thank you, Greg, South Florida and the rest of the foundation for such a wonderful opportunity!

Kory Sgrignoli

Kory has grown up in Ft. Lauderdale and has always enjoyed giving back to the local community.

He serves as Vice President of the Executive Board for the Foundation, acts as the Foundation's manager and handles all legal matters.

Kory is a life-long athlete, who regularly takes advantage of all the activities South Florida has to offer - biking, surfing, golfing, swimming, and playing basketball. He also enjoys watching football and spending time with his family.

He is the Founder and Partner of The Law For All, P.A., a law firm that focuses primarily on real estate, business and estate planning work. Kory's passion for helping others shines through to his everyday life, his firm actively takes on pro bono matters and hosts a variety of seminars that provide free legal services and information to the surrounding community.